FULL NAME: Devon Cristopher Beckman

AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 41 & November 3rd, 1974

HOMETOWN: new york, ny

CURRENT RESIDENCE: west village, manhattan, ny

OCCUPATION: artist and gallery owner

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: hopelessly devoted
dev beckman

"The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open."

- chuck palahniuk

Andrew, or Andy as he preferred to be called, was a well known artist around the globe. If you had anything to do with the New York art culture, you knew his name. So like any successful man, it was crucial to have a child to carry on their name. For Andy, it was preferably a son. A son that would come into his own as an artist and become just like his father. In his early twenties Andrew married a young ballerina, fresh out of Julliard, named Chelsea. As it was known to any woman that he'd shared his bed with, Andy was a sweet talker. After some dating, an engagement and a wedding, came Devon Cristopher Beckman. Their one and only son. Chelsea's pride and joy. Though her dreams to be a dancer came to a very loud halt , she felt comfort and peace in being a mother to their new baby boy.

An artist by trade, Andy did a lot of traveling around the world. Displaying his art at different galleries and going to fancy galas so people could do their rounds of ass kissing. It left Chelsea to be a stay at home mom, something she didn't quite mind. She was well taken care of and really, she had anything that she could ever want. If Andrew wasn't there to personally give it to her, she could just purchase it herself. It left their growing son though yearning for his father's attention. Wanting more than the time his father was allotting to him. It was one thing to be a child that could have anything his heart desired. Hell, Devon could have had a pony if he'd asked for it. But all of the gifts, it all lacked affection. That love that every young boy craves from his father. That approve, the pride.

The lack of attention from his father only left Devon determined to get what he wanted. Outside of material things. At a fairly young age he had already displayed a love for art. It will forever be a tale around the Beckman family that Devon picked up a brush before he actually learned to write. A passion that seemed to run in his blood, much like his father and his father before him. Throughout school Devon excelled in his classes. It was something that was implied and demanded. His mother wasn't going to let him slide through school without proper grades. Andrew didn't care much, his son was going to be an artist, but Chelsea wanted her only son to be more than just skilled with a brush. She felt everyone needed something to fall back and being uneducated wasn't going to cut it. So she made sure that homework came first, art came later. Which though he rebelled at times, Devon understood. He knew that his mother's intentions were in the right place. It wasn't like doing well in school really affected his social life.

Devon really began to appreciate art as a whole as he progressed through school. He found different mediums and even learned that he had a knack for sculpting as well. During the summers Dev and his mother would travel abroad and she would educate him on different artists. Wanting him to really absorb all that the art world had to offer if it was what he wanted to do with his life.

As Devon got older, his father grew more distant. He came home less, he spent less time with Chelsea. Something that, though she didn't show it, weighed heavily on her. She was a strong woman and could hold her own despite being a stay at home mom for a living. Chelsea longed for her husband like any wife would and was beginning to grow tired of his cheating ways. She had her proof, but it was never something that she brought up. It was almost like they had this twisted arrangement. She would raise their son, take her husband's money and do what she pleased, and Andrew could sleep with who he wanted. He managed to make it to important moments in Devon's life though and all through his young life he tried his hardest to impress his father. Wanting to emulate him in every way. Even if he wasn't some shining example or role model to a fresh, young mind. Andrew was proud though when his son graduated high school. Meaning his studies were pushed aside and he could start molding his son into his protege.

The time that Devon spent with his father, working with him in his studio, in his gallery, it was the most time that he'd ever spent with him. This was what he'd longed for. With Andrew's teachings he was able to perfect his craft and become a better painter. There was only so much paid art classes and high school art classes could do for a young artist. It didn't take long for people to take notice of Devon's work. With all of Andrew's connections to the art world, it only made sense that Devon would get noticed at a very early age. The Beckman's were a big name in the art world after all. His success came quickly and sort of overnight. One moment he was taking in his father's lessons, the next he was having his very own showcase. College was sort of put on hold. Just temporarily, that's what Devon always said.

With success came admirers and that was no different for Devon. Things in life just seemed to happen so quickly. Devon felt the need to embark on his own life. To become an adult, move out and figure out his future. By twenty-two he found himself in serious relationship with a woman he'd met at one of his showcases. Her name was Jessa and she would become Devon's first wife and mother to his first child, Lennon. The road through their seven year marriage had been a bumpy one. One that at first was smooth sailing but as Devon became more well known and brought in bigger figures, the fighting began to happen. It was like overnight Jessa had become a pill popping gold digger. The transformation was wild. She wanted money and lots of it and it left Devon to grow very bored of their so called marriage. Which in turn, lead Dev to further his career as a playboy and explore things outside of his marriage.

Fast forward to seven years, two affairs and many a one night stand later. A very unexpected series of events took place. Devon managed to meet a man named Oliver, one that had him taken from the moment he met him. There was a spark there. A spark that he was certain he'd never felt with Jessa. With his art career climbing, he wanted to be with someone that actually made him happy and inspired him. It took just six months after meeting Oliver for divorce papers to be filed from Jessa and a written letter dropped off leaving Lennon to Dev, knowing she wouldn't be able to get full custody with her history. Through the years he's heard from her here and there. In and out of rehab for this that and the other. Same story with the same outcome.

Through his life Devon had been spoiled. Given what he wanted, when he wanted. It made him selfish. Not with his money but with himself. He felt that he deserved to do what he desired. Sure, his career he worked for. Though he had the name, he still had to put out the work. Work that now surpassed his father's. When he and Oliver decided to marry, it all felt right. Like he was capable of change and being a one man kind of guy. They had dreams, goals for their future. On top of the fact that Lennon absolutely adored Oliver in every way possible. But a tiger never changes his stripes and Devon was no different. Soon he began to fall back into similar patterns. One night stands became more frequent and he spent more time away from home. He was a sub-par father at most. Would a newborn baby change him? Temporarily. A beautiful little girl named Dahlia born to them through a surrogate.

Forty years old and marriage number two is now on the fall. Devon pulled in millions and yet it doesn't buy everyone happiness. Deep down, Dev isn't a bad person. His heart is big when he lets someone in but something deep inside of him is still this child yearning for his father's acceptance. His idolizing of his father is something that he's now in therapy for. Among a long list of other things. He somehow finds peace in spilling the gritty details of his life to some stranger he pays to not judge him.

Dev is generally outgoing and outspoken. He feels he thrives in large crowds and enjoys working a room. He can be sarcastic at times, yet enjoys making people laugh. Self proclaimed 'typical New Yorker'. Terrible driver, loud mouthed at times and speaks his mind whenever asked his opinion. He's self driven and self taught in art. Will do anything for those who loves and while he isn't the best at advice he's happy to lend an ear whenever needed. Tends to come off cold but just needs a little chizzling away at. He comes off hard but is a big softy deep down. King of the blank stare during conversation.

FACTS »» goes strictly by dev, never devon. he cringes whenever he hears someone call him by his full name. the only person that gets away with it is his mother.

»» loves to travel. he traveled to different countries every summer with his mother and continued it into adulthood. he loves experiencing different cultures and taking in everything different cities have to offer; the food, the architecture, the languages and different ways of living.

»» has been married twice and is currently going through his second divorce. he also has two children. lennon (16) from his first marriage and dahlia(4) from his second marriage thanks to a friend being their surrogate.

»» recently adopted a 5 year old cavoodle named barney. he's helped him a lot with all of the stress and lonliness of having an empty house. barney came from a hoarding situation but he's adapting quite well to his new life.

»» owner of two art galleries. his first, self titled 'dev' is located in chelsea, new york and the other is located in DUMBO, brooklyn, titled 'abstraite'. he also has an online store for his work.

andy • father • 67
Abstract artist and professional play boy. Currently going through a divorce with his wife of over 40 years, Chelsea. Serial cheater and lackluster father.

chelsea • mother • 66
Former ballet dancer, trained at Julliard. Gave up her dancing career to be a stay-at-home mother. Dedicated her life to her son. Filed for divorce from Andy in 2015 due to his infidelity.

Lennon Beckman: 16 years old, born January 3rd, 1999. Most say he's a spitting image of his dad. Brown waves, light eyes and close to 5'9" now. He loves anything that has to do with music and plans to pursue music production once he finishes college. Still undecided on schools. He's sweet and usually soft spoken, shy at times until he's comfortable around someone.

Dahlia Beckman: 5 years old, born July 27th, 2010. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Born via surrogacy. Very outging and talkative. Will talk your ear off about just about anything. While a girly girl she likes the villians in films and enjoys a lot of movies that her dad likes. Loves Beetlejuice and the Labyrinth. Is pretty fearless and even recently found a cemetary to be neat, which she followed up with dozens of questions.